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Delight your guests with delicious Snacks & Gifts

Appealing, convenient and attractively priced, Travel Essentials’ savoury and sweet snacks and gifts are ideal for upselling from any Minibar or Pantry. Or reward your guests with a delicious snack or gift amenity that can be enjoyed anywhere.

  • Add Revenue

    Add sales with transparetn, premium snack options. Professional point of sale effectively promotes the packs in room and at Reception (read more - link to Point of Sale page)

  • Boost Guest Satisfaction

    Guests will love the convenience, choice and variety of our Snacks and Gifts, The Cheese & Crackers Share Pack is filling enough to provide a mini-meal for hungry late arrivals or off-site.

  • Streamline Your Operations

    Simplify your catering arrangements with self-contained, long shelf-life, easily stored snacks

Browse Our Snacks & Lunches range

  • Snack Attack - Cheese

    • Packaging

      Designed for Minibar with tamper-resistant labelling and superb presentation

    • Maltesers

      The lighter way to enjoy chocolate

    • Cheese Wedges

      2 wedges of creamy cheese

    • Fruit & Nut Mix

      Almonds and Cranberry Mix

    • Savoury Snack Mix

      A scrumptious savoury nut mix including mixed nuts, soy crisps and wasabi peas

    • Crackers

      Savoury and Water Crackers

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  • Snack Attack - Sweet Treats

    • Mars Bars

    • Snickers

    • Chocolate Coated Popcorn

    • Maltesers

    • Packaging

      Designed for Minibar with tamper-resistant labelling and superb presentation

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  • Ready Lunch

    • Packaging

      Attractively presented in recyclable cardboard box.

    • Orange Just Juice

      With 99.9% fruit juice and no added preservatives

    • Tuna Meal

      Safcol Tuna Meal available in a variety of delicious flavours

    • Orange & Poppyseed Muffin

      New recipe, even more delicious!

    • Cheese & Biscuits

      A wedge of creamy cheese and Arnotts Crackers

    • Carman's Muesli Bite

      Simply irresistible! Full of chunky fruit and seeds combined with the goodness of Aussie whole grain oats.

    • Fruit & Nut Mix

      Almonds and Cranberry Mix

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  • Bon Bon Gifts

    • Packaging

      Elegantly presented gifts packs perfect for accommodation packages

    • 200g of luscious scored almonds coated with chocolate

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  • 5 month minimum shelf life
  • Refrigeration not required
  • Recyclable, tamper-resistant packaging
  • Self-contained option with bowl, spoon & napkin
  • Food standards compliant
  • Made in Australia
  • Low minimum order
  • Good selection of pack combinations
  • Fast Australia-wide delivery

Grow guest satisfaction

Trust our 10 years of experience to provide pre-packaged meals your customer will crave.

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