About Us

About Us

Little things can make a big difference. Select*d (previously known as Travel Essentials) was born from a family trip to north Queensland. We arrived at our accommodation, which included kitchen facilities, and needed to stock up on supplies. The nearest store had limited options, besides which we really only needed smaller portions of tomato sauce, salad dressing, spreads, condiments and so on. Larger packages were a waste. The business idea came together on the trip back.

Select*d brings little things together to produce big benefits for our clients. We design, procure, assemble & deliver ready-to-eat meals in packs. Our meals are generally ambient and have the benefit of extended shelf life. They provide comfort, convenience and cost-savings our clients are seeking.
Since 2005 we’ve delivered millions of our meal packs for leading hotels, airlines, events, not-for-profits and corporate organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Cut your Catering Time and Costs.
Boost Customer happiness.

Trust our 10+ years of experience to provide pre-packaged meals your customers will crave.

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