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Select*d brings little things together to produce big benefits. We design, procure, assemble & deliver ready-to-eat meals – breakfast, lunch, snack and gifts. Our meals are generally ambient and have the benefit of extended shelf life. They provide comfort, convenience and cost-savings.  Apart from a wide range of market-proven packs that are ready to ship in any quantity, we also have in-house design and procurement expertise to create custom meals for specific needs, in wholesale and retail environments.

Since 2005 we’ve delivered millions of our meal packs for leading hotels, airlines, events, not-for-profits and corporate organisations of all shapes and sizes.

Meet The Team

Bianca Humm

General Manager

Leanne Jurgelait

Director of Sales & Marketing

Cut your Catering Time and Costs.
Boost Customer happiness.

Trust our 10+ years of experience to provide pre-packaged meals your customers will crave.

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