Accommodation Group Catering

Accommodation Group Catering

A simpler way to cater for groups

Manage large group early breakfast needs with pre packed breakfast boxes. Save time, labour and stress. Select*d (formerly, Travel Essentials) boxed breakfasts are self-contained with bowl & spoon, so can be eaten anywhere: simply hand out to guests and your job is done. Or select from other ranges for group needs, such as Snacks and Lunches.

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How Select*d packs help you manage early group breakfasts

Grab-and-go Option for Early Departures

Simply hand out boxed breakfast before the kitchen is open. Quick and labour light.

Save Chef Time and Stress

Early and unpredictable group breakfast needs can tie up kitchen staff. Our boxed breakfasts save time, worry and help keep your kitchen running smoothly. Avoid wastage, breakfast set up and simplify purchasing.

Select for Your Group Needs

Choose from four ranges, including Golden Delight (for Asian in-bounds), On the Run (Western-style breakfast), Kickstarter (additional combinations) and Rise & Shine (premium, gourmet and widest range of options).

Custom & Branded Options

Enhance brand recognition with custom breakfasts. Available on high volume enquiries. Read more about Custom Products

Well over 10 Years’ Experience

Be assured of quality control: Select*d (formerly, Travel Essentials) is HACCP certified, our products are labelled with full consumer information, carry a minimum five month shelf life and only require ambient storage. That means less wastage and more efficient storage and handling. Read more about customising breakfasts…

Lighten your group breakfast load

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