Accommodation Reception & Minibar

Accommodation Reception & Minibar

Corporate Guests Love Convenience

Improve your service to corporate guests with an in-house breakfast. Corporate guests are looking for convenient and healthy breakfast choices. As is well known in the industry, breakfast is valued second only to free wifi. Many corporate tenders require breakfast as an inclusion.

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How Select*d can help your accommodation business

An Easy Upsell

Designed to be sold from Reception or Minibar. Transparent, premium quality presentation will boost your sales. Our leading Australian food brands appeal to corporates looking for health and well-being. Professional Point of Sale provided to effectively promote the packs in room and at Reception.

Grab-and-go Option for Early Departures

Offer your busy corporates a balanced, ready-to-go breakfast at the start of their day. Our fully self-contained packs can be eaten on the run, at the office, or wherever is convenient. Learn more about how breakfast packs helped win a corporate tender…

Take Control of Your Brand

Avoid reliance on third-party cafes and outlets by offering a professional in-house breakfast solution. Inside and out our packs underline your brand’s quality and professionalism. Our packs are based on consumer-focused breakfast choices, using leading Australian foods that offer consistently high guest satisfaction.

Options to Suit Guest Needs

Choose from a diverse range of breakfast combinations to satisfy your guests’ needs. With breakfast packs that appeal to the health-conscious through to energy-hungry consumers, we’ve got all tastes covered.

Over 10 Years’ Experience

With independent national research, and well over 10 years of sales, our breakfasts maximise appeal to health, well-being and enjoyment.

Attract corporate clients and enhance your
services with an in-house breakfast.

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