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Let Select*d (formerly, Travel Essentials) make your event coordination that bit simpler. Our self-contained breakfast, snack, gift and lunch packs are simple, safe, secure and satisfying.

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How Select*d packs can
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Be Flexible

Healthy boxed meals can help you avoid spending a fortune on catering. There’s no need to waste time coordinating meal delivery, set up, clean up and other catering complexities. Our wide range of pre-packed meals are ready to eat straight from the box.

Cater off-site

Select*d packs offer unique benefits: portion-control, ambient storage, extended shelf life and efficient stock-control. These reduce wastage, risk and help make catering when off-site or in-transit a breeze.

Custom Options to Suit Specific Needs

Catering for large events or groups can involve a diverse range of tastes and dietary preferences. Or you may have branding / promotional or other types of special requirements. Select*d is here to assist! Subject to minimum volumes, we can design, source or tweak packs to achieve your goals.

Catering simplicity and flexibility.

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