Catering for Schools-based not-for-profit program

Project Rockit is a youth-driven movement that seeks to reduce bullying, hate and prejudice. The for-purpose group runs school student workshops and recently ran a national outreach program. The program involved whole-morning sessions, including morning tea for the student groups.  But how to cater for morning teas around the country, in multiple types of venues (beyond schools), with variable numbers? (plus dietary, sustainability and health check boxes) Project Rockit’s team reached out to Select*d. We came back with a solution for all their needs – and then some more.

  • A yummy, healthy morning tea, with dietary options covered (student feedback excellent!)
  • Delivered directly into venues around the country
  • Any surplus stock (changeable numbers) re-used at the next event
  • Well within budget and zero wastage
  • And we included Project Rockit branding

Project Rockit is free to concentrate on their mission and we couldn’t be more pleased.

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