• FAQs

    1. What food safety accreditation does Select*d have?

      Select*d is HACCP certified. A copy of our certification is available upon request.

    2. Where do you deliver?

      Select*d distributes nationally to almost all parts of Australia. Contact us for details on freight to your location.

    3. How much is delivery?

      Subject to location, delivery is generally inclusive with your order.

      On smaller orders a small freight charge applies.

      Delivery to locations of significant distance from our warehouse is quoted at the lowest available rate.

    4. When will I receive my order?

      Most destinations receive their order within 1 – 2 nights’ freight. More remote destinations may require an additional 2 – 4 nights.

    5. Is delivery available on weekends?

      Deliveries are normally made on local business days.

      If you have a special need for delivery outside business hours please contact us and we’ll see how we can assist.

    6. What is the shelf life of the product?

      Most products ship with a minimum of 5 months shelf life.

    7. Do I need to refrigerate the packs?

      Our standard products store in ambient conditions, although all should be stored outside of direct sunlight.

      While ambient, some products are also temperature sensitive. We provide recommended handling and storage directions to ensure optimal quality.

    8. Does each breakfast carton have to include the same cereal variety or options?

      Breakfast packs normally ship one variety per carton.

      It is possible to change this to meet your requirements, in which case a small fee may apply.

    9. Can I substitute / swap items in the pack?

      In the case of Rise & Shine, yes! This range is ‘selectable’, meaning you have the option to select the elements that suit your needs.

      We can customise combinations, by swapping or substituting items. Please contact us to discuss your needs and we can advise on options.

    10. Can you help me to promote the products in my hotel / outlet?

      Yes – we offer a wide range of professional point of sale support materials in various formats.

      Please contact us for further details or visit the page on ‘Using Products/Point of Sale’ for examples.

    11. What are the Recommended Retail Prices (RRPs) on the products?

      For Rise & Shine: $12.00

      For Kickstarter: $10.00

      For Snacks – share size: $8.00

      For Snacks – single size: $6.00

    12. Can I have my logo / brand printed on the pack?

      Yes. There are many ways to do this and factors can vary such as price, volume and style.

      Please contact us for further information.

    13. How do I pay for my order?

      We accept Mastercard, Visa and payment by EFT or cheque.

      Full details of payment options are provided on each invoice.

    14. Is Select*d the same as Travel Essentials?

      In March 2019 Travel Essentials re-branded to become Select*d. We’re the same company but with a whole new look and feel.

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