Featuring premium, on-trend products, SELECT*D’s range of market leading breakfast packs strongly appeal to corporate guests looking for a convenient start to the day and to early departing guests looking for an on-the-go continental breakfast.  Designed for up-selling and package inclusions, SELECT*D’s range of breakfasts will add great value to your hotel offering, ensuring your guests feel right at home.

Select*d’s range of boxed breakfast also offer a cost effective and professional product for hotels looking for an on-the-go option for their groups’ early departures.  The compact, self-contained packs are easy to distribute and are easy to store, requiring only ambient storage and come with a minimum shelf life of 5 months.  We offer a variety of packs to suit different markets and budgets,  including Golden Delight range that strongly appeals to the Asian in-bound market.

For the corporate and events markets, our breakfast packs are the ideal, fuss free, breakfast option for off-site catering.  There’s no need to waste time coordinating meal delivery, set up, clean up and other catering complexities. Our wide range of pre-packed breakfast packs are ready to eat straight from the box.


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