Select*d (formerly, Travel Essentials) brings together selected items into ready-to-eat meals for those away from home.

Select*d provides solutions where more traditional food & beverage options aren’t optimised for your market needs. Frequently this involves f & b for off-site needs, such as accommodation, events or on transportation.

Our all-in-one meal packs can reduce

  • Costly & complex refrigerated logistics
  • The scale and complexity of purchasing & catering
  • Food safety risks
  • Food waste

They provide for

  • Portioned budgetary control of meals
  • Flexibility to suit off-site needs
  • Cost effective pricing
  • Customised requirements (subject to minimum volumes)

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Custom Packs

We love to innovate and welcome your enquiries about finding better ways to meet the needs of consumers. Please note that in most cases customised packs do require a significant volume; although we do have a number of products that are not shown on the site.

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