Point of Sale

Point of Sale

If you’re upselling our Breakfasts (Rise & Shine / Kickstarter) or Snack Attack, point of sale (POS) is extremely important. Select*d (formerly, Travel Essentials) offers a variety of professional, robust POS materials to compliment our upsell / retail Packs.

Reception Display Unit

For Reception areas we have a point of sale display unit. The display unit holds up to three Rise & Shine or Kickstarter Packs; or Snack Attack Packs; or a combination of Snacks and Breakfasts.

Display unit stickers

Customised Display Cards

In addition to the display  unit, we offer display cards for in-room needs. These are available to suit Rise & Shine and Kickstarter Breakfasts. Details on price, range and your brand logo can all be directly over-printed.


Digital Materials

Besides physical materials, we also provide images for TV monitors, websites or digital marketing. Don’t hesitate to let us know your POS needs and we’ll do our best to supply them.

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